About Us

Dronefancier is dedicated to providing its readers with the best and latest information on all things related to drones.

Our team has a ton of experience in flying and studying drones and is dedicated to pass on our expertise to drone fans.

Through the current industry news and product reviews, Dronefancier has created a passionate following of drone fans.

Dronefancier was founded in 2017 by Samuel Wamburu, a writer, quad copter pilot and researcher. He saw the need for a community of drone fans where you can get all the information you need on drones.

Dronefancier Vision

To be the premier destination for drone news, reviews, resources and buyer’s guides.

Drone News

Drones industry is a fast-growing industry in the world with new development every now and then. At Dronefancier, we aim at providing our readers with a constant stream of latest news about drones.

Reviews and Buyer’s Guides

In order to help buyers make the right purchase decision, our drone reviews are detailed and written by experts who have a strong understanding of the modern drone market in totality.


Drones are new for most people in the world and therefore there is a great need for educational resources to provide a better understanding of drones and their application in various industries.

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