Must-Have Drone Accessories for Safe & Profitable Drone Business

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People are increasingly adopting the use of this new technological gadget (drone). There are so many upcoming drone businesses around the world. It is therefore important for you as a drone pilot to ensure that you are in a better competitive position. You will need to go a step further and equipping yourself with everything necessary for you to stand out

The best thing about drone business is that you will be able to handle various freelance assignments and make a side income. However, the first question that you need to ask your self is whether you have all that it takes to be a professional drone pilot.

The basic thing that drone pilots need to go through is piloting checklists, regulations and communication.

The following is the list of few things that you need to compliment your professional drone career and make more money.

10 Drone Accessories for Safe Drone Business Operations


In most countries, you will be required to have a pilot license from your local aviation authority to operate as a commercial drone pilot.

You might be confident that you can fly your drone but you should realize that you have to have some knowledge about relevant airspace law. This knowledge will help you a lot.

You should, therefore, seek a good trainer who will offer rich information about flying a drone for commercial purposes.

Apps & Charts

You will need to know where and when to take off. All these will be taught in your training so a printed chart is highly recommended though you can also get an app to help you with that. These will help you to stay informed and make your drone operation smooth and risk-free.

Drone Insurance

Drone insurance is a necessity especially when you are taking it as a fulltime job. There are so many companies out there offering drone insurance services. You will get various options to choose from as per your specific needs.

You can choose from a monthly option or per-flight option. The main reason why you are insuring your drone business and operations is to be covered in case of damage that could be caused by your drone. Be sure to check on your preferred insurance company for detailed information.

Fire Safety Accessories

It is good to be prepared for possible risks. A drone is powered by a lithium battery which is highly susceptible to fire. You need the necessary equipment to suppress a fire. A fire extinguisher or fire blanket is preferred. There are compact and can fit in your drone bag.

Landing Mat

When operating a drone in the outdoors, it is very likely that you will have uneven grounds or grassy areas to take off or land. In order to protect your propellers from damage, you need a takeoff and landing mat. Avoiding dust and sand is very crucial in protecting your drone from damage.

Battery Safety Accessories

We have seen that lithium batteries are highly susceptible to fire and therefore you will need to be extra careful with them. One of the best things to do is to invest in a good Li-PO bag which is a fireproof blanket but in the form of a portable bag.

First aid Kits

This one is very important and it would be advisable to have it as you go about your drone operations. You don’t know what is coming so remember it is better to be safe than sorry.

Mission Logs

In order to complement the already existing app records, you can decide to go manual and find a good mission logbook for your drone operations. It is a best practice in drone business to keep records of your flight time in paper form.


You cannot predict the weather so you need to have a way to measure wind speed for a smooth take off. It is therefore good to invest in a good anemometer as a professional drone pilot.

Reflective Jackets

In a busy site, it is important to ensure that you can be clearly seen by other people. You do not want to be disturbed by member of the public when operating a drone. There are various drone reflective jackets that have writing such as “Do Not Disturb” these will help you to stay safe.

As you can see more is needed than just buying a drone and getting up into the air. The above will make your operation safer and will help you stand out as a professional drone pilot. This has some advantages on your side because you will attract high-value clients and be able to charge a premium price for your drone business.


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