Drones in Kenya Banned!

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The time they were first introduced in Kenya, everyone was excited. This new technological gadget brought lots of possibilities, especially in the filming and photography industries.

Soon after, we started seeing spectacular aerial footage in music, films, news coverage, documentaries, etc. Everyone was curious to understand how this new technology worked. We are talking about drones; I am very sure you have come across drone footage or came across the actual drone.

Without drone footage, music videos seem boring, everyone was marveled by the exceptional aerial view and footage that drones took. We saw great use of drones in political rallies; you could clearly see how big and small the crowd was and uses this observation to make your decision on who to support.

There came another interesting use of drones; wedding footage and wedding ring delivery. This was a big one! I was actually amazed by this discovery, I never thought of that idea, it was a brilliant one, whoever came up with that; kudos!

It didn’t stop there; drones were being used in Maasai Mara to monitor poaching. Again this was a brilliant use of drones bearing in mind how costly aerial monitoring of our national parks used to be.

In Kenya, drone photography and filming seemed to be the top. In other developed countries, drone uses are so many! We have drone delivery, inspection, farming, surveillance, security, military etc.

The best thing about the use of drones in African countries is the big gaps they fill. Imagine a drone delivering medical supplies to a remote hospital that is inaccessible due to poor road networks! How many lives are being saved? That is exactly what is happening in Rwanda though a company called Zipline.

More and more uses of drones in other African have really helped in many ways and there was the hope of the same here in Kenya until something really disturbing happened.

Drones Use Banned In Kenya

This news came as a shock to many filmmakers and other stakeholders who were using drones for both commercial and personal use. Many didn’t believe that the only source of income they have been relying on was suddenly no more.

The government issued a tough warning on the use of drones. They state that the drone use in Kenya remains banned until further notice. There was also a heavy fine for those people who did not adhere to the same.

Currently, no drone should fly in Kenya. What caused this? When will this ban last? What can we do about it? Is there hope? Are we going to be left behind by other nations as they embrace technology?

These are some of the questions many people are asking themselves here in Kenya. We try to offer some solutions to these in this special report.


I am a content creator, I write freelance articles, creating YouTube videos and more importantly I am a drone pilot. This is what have inspired me to start the blog (Dronefancier) to share information about drones, their uses and how they have positively impacted the lives of many in this world.


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