Selfie Drones – The Best Christmas Holiday Gifts

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Selfie drones has become one of the most interesting gadgets to own just like mobile phones. They can be used to take the selfie and aerial view photos of you and therefore can be a great Christmas holiday gift idea for your loved ones. 

What is a Selfie drone? 

A selfie drone is a slim, lightweight and foldable drone that has a compact design for portability and with the aim to change the way people take pictures nowadays. You can take a selfie drone with you to your trip or during your fun time to take photos and videos. 

You don’t need to be a professional drone pilot to control selfie drone. It can easily be controlled using your phone. Just like the way you would take a selfie using your phone the same with these drones only that instead of having a selfie stick, they fly to capture a photo of you. 

Selfie drones are controlled using an application on your smartphone or tablet. They are designed in a way that they allow you to concentrate more on getting your best selfie instead of worrying much about other technicalities such as yaw and thrust control. 

What makes selfie drones so popular 

Ease of use – Selfie drones are controlled by an app on your smartphone and with few simple taps you will be up and flying! The application also helps you to edit your photos and videos and share them on your favorite social media. 

Portability – They are easy to carry around and fits well in your pocket just like your smartphone. 

Image quality – Selfie drones can give you professional 4k camera quality. 

Follow me mode – You can set your drones to follow you from your back or focus on your face from the front and even fly around you taking photos and videos. 

Gesture control – You can take a shot using a hand gesture the drone will recognize this gesture and take a photo of you. 

Popular uses of selfie drones 

The reason why selfie drones are good Easter holiday gift ideas is due to many uses they have. Most people use selfie drones when doing something interesting with family and friends. 

Events such as birthday parties, holidays, family reunions, picnic and others are very important and therefore capturing these moments using a selfie drone and sharing them on social media will be great. 

Anyone who enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping can use selfie drone to capture themselves in action and also get a spectacular view of the environment they are in. 

Best selfie drones for Easter holiday gifts 

Before we look at the best selfie drones to buy as a gift this Easter holiday lets starts by looking at some tips for using a selfie drone. 

  • Read the operating manual before flying a selfie drone. 
  • First, practice flights for you to be familiar with its features. 
  • Take care of your drone when flying because most selfie drones do not have obstacle avoidance features. 

Top 5 selfie drones for Easter holiday gift 


It is a small and extremely portable drone to take a selfie. It is very easy to control using a mobile application. It comes with the good 1MP camera to take incredible photos. The selfie drone has gyro sensors allowing users to control it by tilting their phone. It features 8 minute flight time and 50 feet control rage. It’s price range between $40 to $50. 


It’s a smartphone-controlled drone that has folding propellers small to fit in your back pocket. The application helps you to share yourself is to Facebook and other social media easily. The selfie drone has a 13-megapixel camera that produces a 4k resolution for high-quality photos and videos. For about $399, you will get this selfie drone. 


This is also a small, compact smart drone that has UHD camera capable of recording beautiful aerial shots. It has 5 flight modes: orbit, selfie, travel, follow me and pilot modes. It offers a flight time of about 20 minutes and 50 meters operating range. The application enables easy sharing of photos and videos to social media. The selfie drone cost around $170 t0 $200. 


It is a foldable and lightweight selfie drone with high definition camera of 13 megapixels. It offers a flight time of about 15 minutes and 100-meter control range. The application offers easy editing and sharing of photos and video on social media. This Selfie drone cost about $320. 


This is a new incredible drone with interesting and advanced features such as ActiveTrack, TapFly, and QuickShot. Other features include obstacle avoidance, high resolution camera and a flight time of about 16 minutes, allowing users to take photos and videos easily. The drone is priced around $499. 

It is clear that there are tons of selfie drones that you can get without spending too much money.


I am a content creator, I write freelance articles, creating YouTube videos and more importantly I am a drone pilot. This is what have inspired me to start the blog (Dronefancier) to share information about drones, their uses and how they have positively impacted the lives of many in this world.

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